In case you missed it yesterday, two of Donald Trump’s closest allies & people next to him in his campaign are now facing prison time after being convicted for their crimes. President Trump‘s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight financial crimes and his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight charges as well. It’s a horrible look for the President, who’s name is being tossed around as the one who told Cohen it was okay to the do the crimes.

In the wake of the conviction, comedian & actress Kathy Griffien, who’s an outspoken Trump hater, decided to celebrate the news of his team going down by jumping on Instagram topless and doing a little dance.

“Celebrating the Manafort and Cohen verdicts...topless, naturally,” she wrote as she stood looking out her house and shook her chest out the window. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very Kathy Griffin move to say the least.

If you recall, Kathy was in a ton of heat last year after she posed in a photo with a fake severed head meant to look like Trump. The pic drew outrage on social media, with the president himself calling the picture “sick.” Griffin posted an apology video in which she admitted she “went too far.” However, she has since said she regrets saying sorry and repeatedly took back the apology. So it appears their celebrity rival is very much a thing again, and Kathy is winning right now.

Check out Kathy’s celebration post (below).