The internet is prone to breakage when Kate Upton teams up with Sports Illustrated for a photoshoot, a consistent occurrence during the magazine's rollout for their swimsuit edition. This year, the publication is taking their models to exotic locations and are bringing fans with them. A whole new wave of models, in addition to well-known favorites, are part of the roster. Those who wonder how the iconic swimsuit shots come to fruition can now access this visual information through Sports Illustrated TV. A documentary entitled Making of SI Swimsuit 2018 is available on the web platform. An Instagram post gives the public a glimpse of what is to be expected by its viewers. The clip opens up to Upton prancing towards her mark while a crew member says,"First shot, no top. That's how we roll!" The blond's hair waves in the wind as she strategically hides her nudity. The first look involves gold sequence booty shorts. The model's attire makes quite the first impression.

Upton gushes about the tropical location:"The weather is gorgeous, the water is beautiful." The destinations include Belize, Aruba, Nevis and the Bahamas. Interested fans can dip their toes into the experience with a 7-day free trial of the online TV platform.