Kat Williams words were spun out of control in the past few days. In one instance, he claimed that Tifanny Haddish did not deserve the commendations she earned in her career. This remark prompted a virtual dragging and a lot of criticism towards him. In another instance, Kat read a radio host's for filth on air during his Frank & Wanda appearance. The retaliation is said to have involved a gun in this case.

Wanda's husband, Lamorris Sellers, was said to have pulled a gun on Williams following his trash talk. Now, the comedian is denying having been threatened with a gun at all. 

When asked about the incident, the entertainer was quite coy in his response. His words were mostly composed of riddles in addition to straight-up denials like,  "I don't know what you're talking about."

The situation with Haddish was also underplayed in some way.

"Tiffany and I never had any beef [...]I was really just sorry that I mentioned Wanda Sykes or Tifanny's name. I was in a conversation with a non-female comedian about female comedians. That was a no-no. So I've been chastised enough by Wanda Sykes and others to see the error of my words."

When Tifanny was asked how Wanda helped resolve the supposed feud, she answers with a solid denial of the situation as a whole: "Nothing was a problem sir."