Cardi B has received many distinctions throughout her unprecedented rise to fame, but one in particular isn't sitting well with actress/rapper Kash Doll.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper was given the Spirit Of Detroit Award recently, a high honor bestowed upon select individuals by the city council of the City of Detroit. As per the city's website, "a Spirit of Detroit Award can be requested from any Council Member for a person, event or organization being honored for an outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit. Submission of the name of the person, event, or organization and the reason for being honored is required." Check out Cardi's response video on Instagram below.

Sadly, not all were impressed with the emcee's new distinction from the Motor City. In particular, Kash Doll wasn't feeling the decision, firing off a series of tweets that expressed how she truly felt about the situation.

The Detroit native started off by saying that she "[couldn't] believe" her city for giving such an award to Cardi, who hails from New York City. The problem, in the eyes of Kash Doll, seems to be the way in which it was earned (or not), saying that she thought anyone wining the award "had to put work in the city" in order to get considered for the honor. There's no telling if Cardi has in fact done some charitable work and/or lent her name to a specific cause that is vital to the greater Detroit community, but unlike stories of her enjoying her newfound fame and fortune, the "Bodak" star tends to keep those sorts of contributions out of the headlines.

Whatever the case may be, Kash called the move "disrespectful." There's no denying that giving such an award to someone who doesn't have strong roots in Detroit can be an odd decision to say the least, but Cardi isn't alone in being a non-Michigan artist who has copped the distinction this year. Dru Hill, a group that originated in Baltimore, Maryland, were given the award earlier this summer as well.