A couple days back Kash Doll and Asian Doll got into it on Twitter and no one really knows how it started. Kash claimed that Asian didn't like her over a man, with Asian responding saying she's in album mode and doesn't have time for beef. 

"Been on my dick since I was 19 bitch get a grip already, shut up you talk to much not enough recording!!," Asian added.

There's been no negative follow-up from either party, but Kash has now tweeted about the beef again, kind-of sort-of drawing a white flag. "I’m not responding to no more DOLL SHIT.... i said what i had to say! I’ll never respond to that weak shit anymore CHANGE YALL NAME.... or put jr behind it! I’m free from my contract now i want my identity back," she said. 

She added: "Matter of fact I’m changing my name to Kashdoll Sr...."

We don't really think the name change is on a serious note, but don't be surprised if her next track no longer has Doll as her surname.