It's safe to say everyone knows what a 'clout chaser' is and may even know a few of them. It's a person who dates, hangs out or starts beef with someone simply for status or to be known. It's this kind of person that Kash Doll does not like and she linked up with DJ Smallz to explain her distate for the lames. 

"I think it's lame. I think a motherfucker needs something better to do. If a person has clout themselves, they'll understand it. They'll understand they don't like that sh*t," she told DJ Smallz, as seen in the video below. "I work hard for where I'm at. I ain't have no handouts. I haven't did no TV show. I haven't had a major label deal. I haven't had no famous boyfriend that put me on. I wasn't f*cking to get where I am at."

She added: "So you better get it out the mud like I did. Don't come over here trying to fake beef with me, bitch, cause you trying to get on. Cause that's when you get smacked. Period. I don't like that. I hate clout chasers. I don't respect them hoes or n*ggas."