Over the years, there has been a debate regarding rappers who write their own rhymes versus those who receive help or outright hire ghostwriters. For some critics of hip hop, artists who don't pen their own lyrics by themselves somehow lose credibility. For others, receiving assistance to write music just comes with being a creative. There are rappers who lie about how their music is crafted because they don't want, for some reason, to be seen as "less than" if they hire writers. Kash Doll doesn't care who knows that she seeks help as she revealed during a recent interview.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Bloveslife is a YouTuber whose guests include famous figures in the entertainment industry as they sit together, eat, and talk about projects. Kash Doll recently stopped by for a seafood boil and during their chat, the Detroit rapper was asked if she writes all of her music herself. "No. Imma honest person. I write most of my music," Kash said. "Sometimes I'm in the studio, people might help me come up with a hook... It's people that come in that help me put things together that I don't think about."

On her album Stacked, Kash collaborated with fellow Motor City rapper Big Sean on a track titled "Ready Set." Kash said of the song, "He sent me that song with the hook already on it. So I'm not gon' say that people don't send me things and help me write stuff, but I write a lot of my own music. Eighty percent...I'm secure with myself." Watch the ladies eat and lip-smack their way through the full interview below.