From one ex to another - Karreuche Tran is in tune with Chris Brown's much-talked about Rihanna comment.

The "Privacy" singer was spotted by other social media users thirsting after his former flame when he used the wide-eyed emoji to comment on Rihanna's Crop Over outfit selfie, a look that was much adored by her fans online as well. It's not like there aren't those who share Brown's opinion, but given his tumultuous history with Ms. Fenti, perhaps it wasn't the wisest decision to respond as he did to the photo. However, one person who's not dragging Brown for his actions is Karreuche Tran.

A woman who herself has had a relationship with the R&B singer end badly, Tran spoke to TMZ and said, among other things, that she understands why he said that. "I'd do the same thing if that was my ex," she proclaimed while waiting for her ride in Los Angeles. She also said that she wants to know what RiRi's been doing so that she can get "thick like that." Who knows if the two women will actually cross paths and discuss a fitness regimen, but they certainly have one thing in common already.

What do you think about Tran's comments? Keeping it real or not? Sound off in the comments. You can also watch the video clip from TMZ below.