Kareem Hunt was promptly cut by the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season after a video was released of him shoving and kicking a woman during an altercation back in February. The incident happened in a Cleveland hotel back in February and was originally obtained and published by TMZ.

While Hunt hasn't played in a while, the player has been in contact with Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy, who has coached Hunt in the past. Nagy spoke about his talk with Hunt at the Chicago Bears end of the year press conference on Monday. The discussion happened last week, with Nagy not ruling out the possibility of signing Hunt in the future as he believes in second chances.

“We had a good conversation,” Nagy said. “Here’s a kid that I spent a year coaching on offense. It’s a tough situation. I wanted to see — making sure that he’s OK but understanding, too, the situation that happened is unfortunate for everybody. He knows that. The only thing I cared about when I talked to him was literally his personal life, how he’s doing. It was a good conversation. He sounded good. But that’s it.

The coach added to his statements saying: "Me, personally, depending on certain people's situations, I'm a guy that has always been that. I've been kind of raised that way to give guys second chances."

To watch Nagy's full response to the Hunt situation, check out the video below.