The Kardashian-West clan has had a brutal couple of months, beginning with the violent robbery Kim suffered in Paris, which undoubtedly contributed to Kanye West's mental breakdown toward the end of last month, causing him to spend nine days in the hospital. All of this, while lamentable, has likely created some highly desirable storylines for the producers of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." 

Filming of the E! reality show was put on hold after the Paris robbery, but shooting seems to be back on, even in the midst of Kanye's mental suffering. Cameras were not allowed inside of the hospital, but ET now reports that scenes of various Kardashian family members discussing Kanye's condition and hospitalization have been filmed. The footage will potentially be included in the next season of the show, which has now made it through 12 seasons in nine years. 

Though it seems his breakdown will be a focus of the show, do not expect too much footage directly involving Kanye, as sources told ET that the Turbo Grafx 16 rapper, now out of the hospital (and back in the studio), will continue to steer clear of the cameras, keeping his appearances on "KUTK" limited to occasional cameos. 

News of the touchy subject matter being brought to "KUTK" comes in the wake of rumors that Kim and Kanye have been experiencing marriage troubles, with reports of the couple currently not living together. Perhaps Kim should tell the cameras to back off as they attempt to reconcile.