The Rob Kardashian blow-up on Instagram yesterday led to some bitter words be traded between him and Blac Chyna - so much so that members of the hip-hop community weighed in on the drama. However, it seems that the incident may have caused more strife within the confines of the Kardashian family.

According to TMZ, sources say that the Kardashians believes that any public fighting between Rob and Chyna is unacceptable behavior. They also are upset over the negative media attention it has brought to the Kardashian name.

More than that though, 7-month-old Dream Kardashian seems to be a source of concern for the Kardashians. The idea that Blac Chyna had a child to get back at Tyga is something that could cause long-term damage to the child later on in life, as per sources close to the family. Let's hope that both Rob and Chyna can put some of this drama behind them in the name of their offspring.