Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were sued in 2016 by Hillair Capital Management after the company claimed the sisters did not follow through on promoting their collective make-up brand, stating breach of contract. The sisters clapped back suing Hillair, claiming the company "is likely to be held liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to the Kardashians," The Daily Mail reports. 

The sisters asserted that Hillair and its Cayman Island affiliate "used false promises to take over management and control" of the company. 

"Hillair had promised the Kardashians they would make all the investments necessary to grow and market the cosmetics," the press release stated. "But after a year of wasted time and efforts, it became clear that Hillair did not have the necessary capital nor desire to build the business it promised to the Kardashians."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

New reports from TMZ now state that the sisters have become $10 million dollars richer since winning the case against the company. Apparently, a three "judge panel completely rejected Hillair's claims and ordered the company to pay Kim and co. nearly $7.4 mil."

The amount also has $3.2 million dollars worth of interest on top of it. The publication details how the sisters expect Hillar to fight the payment which is why they are working to get in locked in before a debate ensues.