Kanye West has been known to keep fans scratching their heads with every single new shoe that is shown off by Kim Kardashian. Whether you like the Yeezy brand or not, there is no denying just how influential it is on sneaker culture as a whole. The Yeezy brand is incredibly popular and every single release seems to sell out instantly regardless of how you feel about the actual designs.

It seems as though Kanye is under scrutiny once again after a recent Instagram story from his wife. In the video below, Kim shows off her kids who are wearing a peculiar pair of slides. Of course, these are some Yeezy slides and they look like bricks on the kids' feet. The slide seems to be made out of one piece and doesn't really look all that comfortable. Commenters immediately took note of this and made some pretty hilarious comments.

There is no word yet on whether or not these are going to be released but what we do know is that these are supposed to be for kids. Let us know in the comments what you think about this creation and if you would cop them for yourself.