While Kanye West's recent Ye album continues to solidify itself as a commercial hit, with all seven tracks currently standing tall on the Spotify and Apple Music charts. Not only that, but Kanye's eighth studio album has already emerged as a hit among fans, who have praised the refreshing musicality and honest, charmingly unfiltered lyricism. All things considered, Kanye West has returned to the fold in a big way, and from the look of it, his influence will not be restrained to the rap game. 

Last month, Ye expressed interest in branching into architecture, taking to Twitter to issue a call-to-action of sorts. "We’re starting a Yeezy architecture arm called Yeezy home," writes Kanye, who previously expressed interest in bettering his home city of Chicago. Now, it would appear the fruits of his labor have been unveiled, courtesy of Hypebeast. Behold, Yeezy Home's first development, a new Social Housing Project. Apparently, the project will be inspired by Yeezy's studio in Calabasas, while offering affordable living quarters for low income Chicago residents.

The current design team is made up of Ye himself, Jalil Peraza, Petra Kustrin, Nejc Škufca, and Vadik Marmeladov. Peep images of the development via Hypebeast.