Kanye West is a big fan of submitting projects when they're not yet completed, it seems. He's proven to be extremely ambitious and almost all the time, it's paid off. He has several classic albums in his repertoire but it's usually agreed upon that Ye is not one of them. His near-perfect discography received a new addition earlier this year and while it's a good project, it's not one of Kanye's best. When The Life Of Pablo was released, we went through a decent amount of new mixes as it felt like the artist was constantly making changes. Now, new updates have been made on Ye.

We're all patiently waiting for Yandhi to release later this month and the people listening to his latest album as preparation were a little surprised to hear that one of the songs had been changed. According to Complex, the seven-track album has been updated with a new mix, which was confirmed by engineer Adam Wolpert. He noted that a sample was removed from "I Thought About Killing You" after it was never cleared.

So far, Kanye was not commented on the updates. Some users are noticing three different versions of the album on streaming services as a clean version and two explicit versions are available.