"Face Down," the long-rumored collaboration between Kanye West, Quavo and Lil Yachty has finally surfaced on YouTube. Although the stream is considered a leak at best, it does come to us in high def. The buzz surrounding a potential collab between Kanye and Migos heated up when they were spotted in the studio last July. Back in January of this year, Quavo revealed he'd been hard at work with Yeezy, saying "I’ve been going crazy on the fingers, you dig?," to describe his first dalliance behind the boards.

Incidentally, "Face Down" sounds sonically different than anything he produced on Ye or Daytona. Kanye West starts the proceedings in auto-tune singing out the women in the world who "keep their phone face down" when the going gets personal. The pre-chorus ends shortly thereafter with Quavo taking up the same auto-tune effect, promising to "have her face down in the island," as a result of her bashful regard

The face down euphemism gets plenty of mileage even before Lil Yachty enters the fray, name dropping a helpless Tristan Thompson in a line describing him filing through his girlfriend's many booty calls. The song finally closes with Lil Yachty's disappointed grumblings, very much in tune with the overall mood of the record.

What's your take on "Face Down?" Stream it via Hypebeast right here.