Can Kanye West single-handedly save TIDAL?

According to TMZ, TIDAL has grown it's subscriber base from 1 million users to 2.5 million since Kanye dropped The Life of Pablo 10 days ago. 

Lil Wayne and Rihanna have released albums exclusively through TIDAL before expanding their availability to all streaming platforms. Kanye asserted that TLOP will "never be for sale" on any platform other than TIDAL. While that remains to be seen, and it is true that the album was pirated 500,000 thousand times in a matter of days, his ability to convince 1.5 million people to subscribe to TIDAL is mind-blowing. The only other artist who could conceivably pull those types of numbers is Beyonce. Reports surfaced today claiming that she is planning to drop an album in April.

TIDAL just added T.I. to their roster of artist-owners... perhaps he can chip in as well.