It's been nearly a year since Kanye West and the Sunday Service took over Coachella for Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, for many who observe the holiday, Easter service likely isn't an option due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For Kanye fans, or anyone who's simply appreciated the rapper's foray into gospel, Sunday Service will still go on for Easter but they're still adhering to social distancing practices.

 Robin Marchant/Getty Images 

According to Page Six, Kanye West teamed up with Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. this weekend for a virtual edition of Sunday Service for the holiday. Pastor Wilkerson Jr. told the publication that the artist and his choir prerecorded a performance for the VOUS Church. Wilkerson's sermon will be live streamed via Facebook and YouTube, as well as the VOUS website, starting at 8 a.m. with a Spanish translation available at 11 a.m.

This announcement comes after Kanye revealed that he'd be pulling out of Joel Osteen's Easter Sunday service. Kanye had planned to bring 100 members of his choir to perform while wearing masks and keeping six-feet apart from each other. Clearly, Kanye realized that this was still not necessarily safe and called it quits. 

Kanye still had a plan b, after all. Hopefully, once all of this is done with, Kanye will be back on the road bringing the good word of the Lord to the masses with the choir.