Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian spoke about how she freaked out the first time her 3-year-old son Saint West had an allergic reaction. She jumped over tables and ordered one of her sisters to call an ambulance because she was so terrified that something would happen to her baby. After that incident, it would appear as though Saint had another health scare, suffering another allergic reaction and having to take a trip to the hospital with the family.

Kris Jenner was speaking with Refinery29 when she recalled that approximately one week ago, Saint had another allergic reaction when the family was spending time in Palm Springs. "A week ago or so when we went to Palm Springs and Saint, my little grandson, we discovered he might be allergic to grass. We ended up in the E.R," said Jenner. Grass is a common allergy and although the severity of Saint's allergy is undisclosed, it must have been pretty bad for them to make a beeline to the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious and Saint is back home. 

Kim Kardashian, Saint's mother, deals with her fair share of skin conditions as well, speaking candidly about her psoriasis and recently showing a photo of herself with rashes on her face

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images