When he's not trolling himself over the too-small slides he wore to 2 Chainz' wedding, Kanye West regularly shares text messages from his friends, family and close collaborators on Twitter. One of the most worthy people of a Twitter follow due to his unpredictability, Yeezy has been known to post private conversations that he receives via text and the other day was no different. While the Kardashian family may not be entirely fond of Caitlyn Jenner after she called them out in her recent book, she appears to still be on good terms with Yeezy. Rumored for months to be dating (or getting married to) Sophia Hutchins, a 21-year-old college student, Ye's texts may have just confirmed their romantic union to the public.

Sending a photo of Sophia decked out in all Yeezy to the designer of the brand, Caitlyn Jenner thanked her son-in-law and praised him for creating another successful season of gear. As the two have been spending a lot of time together, even attending the ESPY's as a duo last month, this appears to confirm their relationship to the world. At the very least, it means that she and Sophia are close enough that she's been introduced to the rest of the family and that Yeezy is sending her clothing.

In your eyes, does this mean anything or are they just as unofficially linked as they previously were? Also, a quick note to Kanye: "you're."*