Kanye West has always been known for coming through with some interesting sneakers. His Yeezy output has consistently been roasted over the years although, despite the slander, people are still always lining up to get themselves some Yeezys. Regardless of how a shoe looks, the internet's first instinct will always be to roast it. However, after a few months, they almost always come around.

This was especially true with the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner which dropped last year. Now, just months after the sneaker's initial release, Kanye is coming through with a knew variation of the shoe called the Knit Runner. Instead of foam, we get a fully knitted upper, and thanks to the image below via Yeezy Mafia, we can see that the very first colorway will be mostly covered in yellow.

Immediately following Yeezy Mafia's post, fans began to flood the tweet with comments about their thoughts on the shoe. Perhaps the most consistent theme here is the fact that many sneakerheads believe these shoes look like the ones Mickey Mouse wears. As you can see from the tweets below, the resemblance is actually quite uncanny.

Regardless of these comments, people are still going to buy these and Ye is going to make a whole lot of money. Stay tuned for release details on these, as we will be sure to bring that to you.