No one ever confused Kanye West for a level-headed individual, but not to this extent. Last night, Kim Kardashian uploaded a video on Instagram, depicting her hubby in full-on Karaoke mode. As it turns out, Yeezy is not averse to singing his own music in an unsolicited way. His spirited-Karaoke performance last night is but one of many incidental discharges, from which Kanye-haters base their opinions. And yet, there's still something laughably adorable about him singing his old material in the company of his wife.

For all intents and purposes, Kim Kardashian was enjoying every minute of it. Love is a cure-all, that much I can tell you; but it's also a masking agent for weirdo behavior. When Kanye isn't towing the dangerous lines of pedestrian crossing laws or channeling his inner-Creflo at Sunday mass, he's just like the rest of us, in his consumption of all things mundane: karaoke, pizza in a box.. you get the picture.

For a little added-context, "Good Life" is the song Kanye West chose from the booklet. As the title suggests, "Good Life" is just the record to put a shine on a hard done day at the office - it interpolation of Michael Jackson's "PYT" as timely as ever. In all honesty, it's actually quite nice to see Kanye West in good spirits for once.