Catherine Marks is an award-winning producer who has worked on a variety of projects. Her focus throughout the years was found mostly within the genre of rock, but the engineer has also ventured into other territories. Working with Kanye West was noted as one of the most memorable instances of this type of adventure during her interview with BBC.

Their session began awkwardly with Kanye West taking 16 hours to show up: "He came in one night and we'd been waiting from 11am - he rocked up at three the following morning."

Both artists communication styles seemed slightly mismatched, according to the way she details he acted once he had finally arrived.

"We wanted him on a particular song, he sang on a different one... he was making up rhymes on the spot and saying things like 'The one three takes ago was good'.

"At the end he asked what I thought. I go 'Well, would you be interested in doing it again?' and he said 'No'.

"So I told him 'In that case it's amazing'.

"Then I'm pretty sure he said 'No, you're amazing'. No-one else in the room says they heard him say that."

Marks doesn't specify the year their interaction took place. Whether she dealt with the old Kanye or the new Kanye, the rapper's standards were high.

"When you're with someone like that if you're not working quick, you're going to get fired."

Evan Agostini/Getty Images