Southern California will soon have a new school thanks to Kanye West and before it has launched, Donda Academy is at the center of controversy. In his post-Donda phase, West has not only been dealing with his divorce from Kim Kardashian, but he has reportedly been busy squaring away the details of his new kindergarten through 12th-grade academy.

Hollywood Unlocked reports that the school has already secured admission from teens like Zion Cruz, Jakhi Howard, and Jalen Hooks, and they also have their eye on Robert Dillingham, a 16-year-old star athlete at Combine Academy in North Carolina. Last month, the school's basketball coach revealed that Robert would not be returning.

Today (October 13), Robert's father Donald Dillingham claimed that he has not heard from Robert in 21 days since the teen visited Donda Academy. Donald said that he hasn't given his son permission to move from North Carolina to California to attend the school, and an audio of a phone conversation has been released. In it, Donald called Donda Academy looking for answers and the person on the line told him that they were informed not to speak with him.

Hollywood Unlocked reports:

Donald said after not hearing from his son, he eventually found out about his apparent move with Kanye on TV! It was also brought to his attention that Kanye had previously contacted the boy directly and [allegedly] pressured him to come to his academy. Kanye reportedly FaceTimed Robert and asked “are you coming here or are you going to let it go?” referring to the opportunity.

Robert's mother reportedly hasn't been responding to Donald's questions and he alleged that Kanye paid her for their son's attendance. Donald reportedly has joint custody of Robert and has consistently been supportive of the teen's budding basketball career. A trainer named Rico Grier reportedly befriended the family and allegedly was the person who flew with Robert to California. Donald continues to seek information about his son.

Listen to the phone call Donald had with Donda Academy below.