Kanye West's Star Wars-inspired dome homes have been a project in the making for some time and are currently sitting on 300 acres property in Calabasas. The homes are a prototype for Kanye's community project housing corporation he's planning to bring to life but according to TMZ the "New Slaves" rapper has hit a road bump since several neighbours have reportedly complained about the construction. 

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

According to the publication, Los Angeles' Dept. of Public Works went to the site project to determine whether there are proper permits. The site manager reportedly told the city that the buildings are prototypes which means a permit isn't needed since they're temporary. The city got another call from neighbours after late-night construction, forcing another site visit. The Dept. of Public Works saw that the structures were sitting on more solid, non-temporary material leading them to believe they are in fact, permanent. This means that permits are needed so Kanye and his team have until September 15th to get proper documentation or the structures have to be torn down. 

Apparently, the concrete structure was used as a safety precaution for the prototypes and are meant to be torn down after the project but the crew still have to get proper permits.