At least you can't Kanye West didn't try. If you recall, the visionary artist previously orchestrated the construction of a series of Dome Houses, inspired by the architecture of Star Wars planet Tattooine. While his intentions were indeed sound, it would appear that the world was simply not ready for Ye's latest innovation. According to a report from TMZ, the Dome Houses were in danger of being torn down from the jump, as they were never built with the proper permits to begin with. Not to mention, the neighbors were having none of it, keeping the complaints to the L.A. County Dept. of Public Works steady.

Apparently, the onslaught of complaints led to an increased number of inspections, which in turn led to an ultimatum being offered. Unless Ye was to successfully procure a permit, the fruits of his labor would be no more. Apparently, Ye never intended the Domes to be permanent, though an inspector called BS upon realizing the Domes were built upon concrete.  Now, TMZ has confirmed that the Domes are no more, providing photographic evidence of their absence. 

It's unclear whether this was the intention all along, or if Yeezy's attempts to cut corners simply bit him in the behind. Either way, it's never unwise to file the proper paperwork, especially in the harsh bureaucracy that is the world of construction.