Though a rant from Kanye West is to be expected ahead of the release of a new album, concern for Kanye's well-being reached an all-time high this week following his presidential rally in South Carolina. Kim Kardashian has stated that Kanye is currently having a manic episode and that's why he's been erratic on social media. However, a close family friend of Kanye suspects that the artist is still dealing with "unresolved grief" stemming from his mother's death.

MJ Kim/Getty Images

Ulysses Blakely, a family friend of Kanye who dated Donda West, spoke to PageSix about the rapper's recent antics. “My personal feeling — just from the person I know — is that this is unresolved grief,” Blakely said. "He has not recovered from the loss of his mother... They had such a close bond.”

Donda began dating Blakely after she had moved from Georgia to Chicago with Kanye West. Blakely chimed in on Kanye's rally in South Carolina where he stated that Harriet Tubman "never actually freed the slaves."

"Many of the things he said are not correct, but I’m distressed and concerned about where such things come from. Where did he get those ideas about Harriet Tubman? You know that’s not correct, so where did he get that ideation from?” Blakely said. “You can see his emotional distress and it pains me to see that. Donda would have been upset to see her son now, [because] he’s clearly in pain."

Kanye had announced that his new album Donda: With Child would be released yesterday, though as expected, it hasn't arrived yet. Though new music from Kanye West is always welcomed, 'Ye's mental and physical health is far more important than the release of a new album.