According to a report, Kanye West's "meditation structure" may not see the light of day as soon as he'd like. The rapper set forth to have "a ground-level roofing structure with a large opening" constructed on his Wyoming ranch, but he was denied permission by local officials due to state regulations regarding the protection of the population of "imperiled" Sage Grouse birds. It was noted that the area in which Kanye intended to have the structure built is a "key habitat for the birds" and is thus protected by restrictions on certain kinds of development projects such as his meditation structure. These restrictions are in place due to the sharp decline of the Sage Grouse population over the years.

Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

"It's so broad, it can stop development" said attorney Colin Simpson, who represents Kanye, about the Sage Grouse's habitat areas. "[This] ought to be concerning to everybody with the impact it has to potential development in Park County and any county in Wyoming." Kanye had already been warned to stop construction on his project back in November, due to changing his intentions for the land to include residential use without obtaining a new permit. Now, it seems he will also have to figure out how to get ready this bird dilemma, requiring "a density and disturbance analysis to ensure it meets Wyoming Game and Fish compliance."