If catching clips of Kanye West's Sunday Service is a part of your weekly routine then we have good news since his Coachella set will be live streamed for you to watch from the comfort of your home. The Easter Sunday special will be available for your watching pleasure on YouTube's official Coachella channel.

Kanye was previously signed on to headline at the California music festival but the festival didn't have the ability to build a dome inspired stage, so the rapper dropped out opting for a more low-key attendance. While the gospel renditions of Kanye West's music is beloved by fans physically there and those watching at home, another aspect of the show is also enjoyed. 

Kanye's daughter North West has become a reoccurring attendee at the services, showing off her epic dance skills and more recently debuting her vocals, singing along to Kanye's "Lift Yourself" track. Of course, her favourite lyric of choice was "Poopy-Di Scoop" asking her cousin, Penelope, to join along.

"I can be the boss talking these Trump-level vogue quotes to my team and stuff, but [having kids] humbles you because I work for my daughter," Kanye previously stated when discussing his kids' influence. "I work for my kids. I can't talk them out of the way they feel, because they haven't been programmed yet to know what's right. They just know what they feel. I love that you see this reflection of yourself in your kids. I will say, I'll never trust anybody that's really rich and got no kids. Because they could be so extremely selfish. It's really just about them."