When Kanye West appears on stage, anything can happen. Whether it be robbing the mic from a teenage girl in order to praise Beyonce's greatness, ferociously screaming for almost a minute straight during a performance of "Touch the Sky" (concluding with his abrupt exit and mic drop), and even announcing a forthcoming run for the White House, we think we've seen it all. But we haven't, as he continues to surprise almost every time he's given the stage. 

The aforementioned controversial moments come side-by-side with moments of unparalleled grandeur and inspiration. Though he's been guilty of cutting his shows short and storming off stage, it's his intent to give fans his absolute all during his time in front of them. Frankly, if he stopped doing live shows for the rest of his life, he'd still be one of the most important performance artists of this generation. Here are 5 of the most stirring renditions he's given throughout his career. One of the 5 moments transpired just last weekend, and it's my belief that the stages will only continue to get bigger, and his message more powerful.