After it was revealed by Forbes magazine that Kanye West's Yeezy brand has officially made him a billionaire, Lil Nas X teased that he was also among this elite group of excessively wealthy folks by welcoming Ye "to the club." It's not everyday that somebody becomes a billionaire, so when someone as high profile as Kanye West hits that milestone, you're sure to hear about it. On Friday, Forbes broke the news that Kanye is now, in fact, a billionaire, due largely to the success of his Yeezy sales.

Kanye West Lil Nas X billionaire club welcome joke rich net worth Forbes YeezyBrad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

Fellow music artist Lil Nas X caught wind of this major news, and decided to congratulate Kanye over social media with a little comedy bit. He took to Twitter to officially welcome Kanye "to the club," seemingly implying that he, at 21-years-old with a virtually newborn music career, was also a billionaire.

"Just heard kanye west is a billionaire," he tweeted. "Welcome to the club bro!" Obviously, he was kidding, as a quick Google search will reveal that Lil Nas is only worth approximately $4 million. His followers totally caught on to the joke, though, and one even replied with a link to one of his tweets from last summer in which he had teased his fans that he now had billions of dollars in his bank account compared to the mere pennies he had 7 months prior.

"You are way ahead of him," the fan wrote. "U ain’t have to pull out the facts like this," Lil Nas X replied. "We all start somewhere give him some time." While Lil Nas was able to have fun with the topic, Kanye was less than impressed with Forbes' profile. The publication reported that Kanye boasts a total net worth of $1.3 billion, but the multi-hyphenate mogul claimed that none of the financial experts over at Forbes knows how to count, insisting that he's worth over $3 billion. While we may never know for sure how much of a billionaire Mr. West is, at least he was still able to receive a warm welcome from a totally legit fellow billionaire.