They're preparing to welcome baby number four to their growing family of five, and after Kim Kardashian once complained that her kids weren't getting along, the three siblings seemed to be working together to get over on their dad, Kanye West. For those that like to play pranks on people, April Fool's Day is a gift from heaven itself. However, for those who aren't up for being the punchline to anyone's jokes, it could be a dreaded unofficial holiday.

Kim sat down with Elle magazine yesterday and talked about how her once at odds children banded together to prank Ye. Her fears of them fighting and being jealous of one another have subsided and as much as she was happy that they were executing a well thought out plan, she understood why Kanye was less than thrilled when they screamed, "Mommy's dead!"

"I do worry about them getting along, because for my sisters and I, we were just so close growing up and obviously still are," Kim said. "And I want them to be, too! But they’re starting to get closer now that [North] can include him in her jokes. She roped [Saint] into an April Fool’s prank yesterday that was ridiculous."

"She took ketchup into my bathroom, and she begged me to let her spread it on me, and on the bathroom, as if it was like a bad scary movie," Kim continued. "Then she asked me to lie down. I thought she was just playing, maybe that she was going to say I was hurt. No. She taught Saint how to fake-cry—she showed him how to do it!—and then she told him to scream 'Mommy’s dead!' Kanye ran upstairs and he was like, 'Kids, this is not funny. This is not a good prank.' I completely understand and I agree. But it did make me a little impressed that they planned something together, and they were getting along and having fun as a team."

Do you have any good (or savage) April Fool's Day stories?