Although Kanye West's Yeezus album didn't receive the warmest welcome from fans when it dropped, 'Ye was nonetheless a majorly pirated artist in 2013.

According to Musicmetric, a music trend analysis database, Kanye West's music was downloaded illegally over 3.2 million times on BitTorrent. His rap counterparts, Eminem and Jay Z, follow close behind. Em's music was pirated 3.18 million times, while Hov took the #3 spot with 3.17 million times. Outside of hip-hop, Bruno Mars was named the most pirated artist of the past year, with 5.78 million illegal downloads, and Rihanna following with 5.41 million.

In legal news, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis earned the most streams on Spotify for 2013.

[via AHH]