Kanye West has always been well aware that the press is a necessary evil when it comes to gaining success. But as his presence in music and his other ventures have grown (his affiliation with Kim Kardashian not withstanding), so has the demand for pictures and coverage of him. The constant prying into his life and being hounded by photographers, paired with the feeling that he is not taken seriously has caused some differences to occur between the media and Kanye. 

Yeezy has not been shy in voicing his dislike for the paparazzi, feeling that they encroach on his life as well his loved ones. He has been a staunch believer that stars in the public eye are often treated like zoo animals. He has also often publicly vented his frustrations over his difficulties in extending himself creatively in the fashion field. All this has resulted it some very public outbursts (over the past year specifically, but not limited to, as this list shows), or what we know as "rants". Furthermore, the photographers have not be afraid to aggravate West, leading to altercations which were both provoked and unprovoked.
Sit back and take a look at some crazy incidents involving Kanye and the media!