The first time many people heard (or heard of) Frank Ocean was in the introduction of Kanye West's Watch the Throne opener "No Church in the Wild." Yes, Kanye West has been a big supporter of Ocean throughout Ocean's career. He even penned a poem for Ocean's "Boys Don't Cry" zine called "The McDonald's Man." After announcing that he had Blonde on repeat on Sunday, Kanye took to Twitter once again Tuesday evening to urge radio stations to play Ocean's music.

"If anyone at radio really loves music," Kanye wrote, "Come together and pick your favorite Frank Ocean song and play it at least 10 times a day." 

"Ask yourself why did you love music in the first place and what can you do to add to the story," he continued. "Power to the people. Power to the artist. Empower the artist and create a more inspired world."

Blonde is not conventional radio music. Ocean's songwriting is richly textured and requires several listens to fully grasp. It will require vocal support from artists with immense clout, like Kanye West, for it to get much love from radio stations. Read Kanye's tweets below.