Earlier today, footage surfaced from last night's "Saint Pablo" show in Seattle showing Kanye West venting about the Tidal/Apple "beef" that prevented him and Jay Z guesting on Drake's "Pop Style." He claimed that Jay Z resisted the collaboration both because of his allegiance to Meek Mill (a member of Roc Nation) and due to conflicting interests with his own company, Tidal, and the one Drake is partnered with, Apple. Ye explained that those same business constraints will prevent a sequel to his and Jay Z's famous joint album, 2011's Watch the Throne. "I can't take this shit, bro, our kids ain’t never even played together," he also said, hinting at some deeper tensions within his relationship with Hov. 

More footage from Kanye's tirade has now surfaced, and it's now more obvious that his issues with Hov go beyond their music business dealings. Kanye is seemingly upset at Jay for not coming to see him after Kim was robbed and held at gunpoint earlier this month in Paris. There has been virtually no public sighting of Kim since the violent incident. In his speech last night, Ye revealed that Jay called him after the robbery to ask, "How you feelin'?" But that wasn't good enough for him. "You wanna know how I'm feelin'? Come by the house," demanded Kanye while leading a hypothetical conversation with his longtime collaborator. "Bring the kids by the house. Like we're brothers." 

Clearly Kanye's not feeling the brotherly love.