Earlier this month, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gave Architectural Digest a peak inside their Los Angeles mansion. Many mocked the minimalist, neutral-toned design of their home, wondering why people with so much money would opt for such an austere and seemingly uncomfy setup. Well, there are a lot of things we will never understand about Kanye West. Another mystery to add to the list could be why he would decide to renovate his recently-purchased Wyoming ranch in the same style as his LA residence, rather than reflecting the scenery with a more rustic vibe. 

According to an inside source who spoke to The Sun, the famous couple's $14 million getaway abode will be undergoing major renovations, which is expected to be a long and costly process. "Kanye wants to makeover the ranch in the same style as his LA home - so it'll be really sleek and minimal but with a nod to the Wild West," the source divulged. "He's flying out there all the time, by private jet, and it's going to cost a fortune. Money is no object. It'll be twice as expensive as the LA home as everything will have to be shipped in."

The source claims that, while Kanye is at the helm of the project, Kim backs his whims. "Kim is supportive, but it's frustrating because any new house project Kanye puts his mind to takes a long time - and costs so much money." The rapper plans to recruit the minds of Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and architect Claudio Silvestrin, who both worked on the LA home. 

The Wyoming ranch, known as Monster Lake Ranch, spans 6,713 acres of canyons and encompasses bluffs, mountains, creeks and game hunting grounds. The West-Kardashian clan bought the property back in September. In November, they bought a second property in Wyoming for $14.5 million.