The rise of Tidal and Apple Music streaming services over the last year has seen the two giants battling for subscribers, with major releases like Rihanna's ANTI and Drake's View From The 6 being held exclusively within their respective catalogues. While the tension between the two companies has been pretty visible throughout 2016, Kanye West, a co-owner of Tidal, and close friend of the company's head, Jay Z, has taken to Twitter to with some candid remarks, calling for the companies to end their "beef". 

Closing his comments, Kanye asks Apple to give Jay his "check" for Tidal, which once again brings up the rumor that Apple was once in talks to acquire Jay's streaming service. The exclusive releases between the two companies has come at the expense of listeners, as Ye points out, "Let the kids have the music." Will his tweets have any affect on the business models between the two companies?