Kanye West and Kid Cudi go very much hand-in-hand. If you meet somebody who is a diehard Ye fan, chances are they have an affinity for Kid Cudi as well. It's surprising that it took the two so long to create a joint album together but finally, Kids See Ghosts was formed in 2018 with their first self-titled album among the best of the year. In the past, West has already hinted at new music with the Man on the Moon artist and it looks like he may be looking to bring their Camp Flog Gnaw co-performance to other cities.

This year, Kid Cudi and Kanye West took the stage together to wow fans with live renditions of their Kids See Ghosts jams. According to some recent Twitter activity from Mr. West though, that one performance may not be the sole time both rappers take the stage together in the near future. Last night, Kanye went on a tweet spree and told all his fans that he would be working on new music and new ideas in 2019. One curious fan responded by asking if he and Cudi intended on touring together. Ye furthered speculation by simply retweeting them and adding no answer.

Personally, it would be a dream come true to witness Ye and Cudi on a single stage so I hope it happens. Would you be down with a co-headlining tour though?