"Yeezy taught me" has gone from a quote to a job description for Mr. Kanye West. According to reports, Kanye is now serving his court-ordered 250 hours of community service at L.A. Trade Technical College, sharing personal anecdotes about his experiences within fashion with some aspiring artists.

Since approximately May of this year, West had made several trips to the college, which specializes in designing apparel. Photos uploaded to the web portray Kanye mid-lecture, appearing passionate about the subject. The only people more excited, it seems, are the students in the classroom, all of whom seemed eager to snap the photos of their new professor. Check out their photos in the gallery above.

Kanye isn't the first emcee to teach classes at a university. Bun B spent some time teaching "Religion & Hip Hop" at Rice University in 2011, as well.

If you could have any emcee teach you, who would it be? What subject? Let us know in the comment section.

Original photos via Instagram user @ChrisGaleno.