You'd think that after spending over a decade on television with her own reality show, people would know almost everything about Kim Kardashian-West. The business mogul lives her life out loud on both social media and the small screen as she shares nearly every aspect of her life with the world, however, viewers will apparently learn more about the reality star on an upcoming episode of E! True Hollywood Story.

The network shared a clip of Kim speaking about meeting and developing a relationship with Kanye West. "I met Kanye in 2002. He would ask everyone who I was. They always said like, 'Oh, she has a boyfriend.' We just always kept on connecting and coming into each other's lives," she said. Yet, years went by before they officially began dating. "He invited me to Paris to his fashion show, and then that's when it like, happened. That's when we started our relationship." She added, "I was like, 'Sh*t. Why didn't this happen sooner?' It was just right."

When the couple first got together, the headlines about their relationship were rather scathing. Many publications stated that she would be the downfall of Kanye's music career and that was something that was difficult for her to process. "I mean, everyone would tell him, 'You can't be with her. She's a reality star. She's gonna sink your career,'" Kim said. "He was just like, 'But I love her. I don't care.'"

In a surprising move, Kanye made an appearance on the show and openly talked about why he was, and continues to be, captivated by Kim. "Anytime I was around her or I saw her, it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy," he said in the clip. "She was good, pure, happy, loving, brave, courageous. Strong." Kim's E! True Hollywood Story airs this Sunday, October 13. Watch the clip below.