Nas album nearly done. Knowing Kanye West's habitual patterns, the new Nasir Jones project will remain in the tinkering stages up until the expected release date of June 15th. Either way, Ye's recent track record speaks volumes; the three hit combo that is DaytonaYe, and Kids See Ghosts has already come to shape the summer's early sonic aesthetic. Now, six years removed from Nas' last studio album Life Is Good, the time has finally come to hear what the Queens legend has been up to. And with Kanye West at the helm, no less.

On that note, Yeezy has taken to Twitter to show some humility, providing fans with an update in the wake of his dual release. "Just wanted to say I’m up in the morning working on the Nas album and I’m so humbled by all the love we’re getting on these albums," writes Yeezy, in what many might feel is refreshing, considering his usual Twitter fare. He concludes by quoting his oft-chanted "Ghost Town," writing "we’re still the kids we used to be." 

It's a theme that has followed Kanye for years now, since the days of "Power." "My childlike creativity, purity and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts," he rapped, highlighting the dual nature of his psyche. While My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy spoke to a man struggling with his demons, Ye found him, at long last, free.

Keep a watchful eye for that new Nas album, set to drop on June 15th.