Last year, Kanye West shocked sneakerheads with his design for the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner. The shoe immediately became a massive meme as it looked like a pair of crocs but for astronauts. The futuristic yet simplistic design features holes and ridges throughout that ultimately led sneakerheads through a loop. Eventually, some people caught on to the idea of the sneaker but many remained unamused at what they had seen.

For months, the release of the shoe was shrouded in mystery...until today. That's right folks. Kanye took to Twitter at around 6 PM EST and revealed that the shoe had been placed on his Yeezy Supply website. If you tried to cop, you probably ran into an error screen as the website was overridden by some eager Yeezy fanatics. Of course, the shoe sold out pretty well instantly, dashing the hopes of thousands.

The only colorway that was made available was the white offering although based on reports from the past, there seem to be plenty of other colors tucked away in the stash. Over the coming months, one would have to assume that Kanye would start releasing the others, little by little.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to cop.