Kanye West’s creative ventures have been known to create quite a bit of fanfare amongst hip-hop and fashion fans alike. His Yeezy Season collections are no exception. Enthusiasts have flocked left and right for the infamous clothing line known for their resell prices. With a brand often associated with dollar-value, it came as a surprise when Mr. West tweeted (and has since deleted) that he’s $53 million dollars in debt. However, to Derya Gulseven, his financial troubles makes sense.

Kanye’s latest legal trouble comes courtesy of Gulseven and her company, Dde Sourcing, The Fashion Law reports. Hailing from Istanbul, the firm helps find “new generation sourcing, buying, and manufacturing solutions”. Kanye’s own West Brands Fashion LLC commissioned Gulseven to aid production on Yeezy Season 2 for May 2016. Gulseven claims her company was ousted from the deal, and in turn, lost the 7% commission payout: $87,000.

Despite the aforementioned troubles, Dde Sourcing continued to work with West Brands through Yeezy Season 3. The company was paid, although not in full. West Brands only shared $77,246; a 4% commission rate rather than the agreed upon 7%. Gulseven also says she wasn’t paid at all for Yeezy Season 4. The collection was hugely-successful for Kanye, having a 35% increase in first-month sales over Season 3. Gulseven and Dde Sourcing are seeking payment of $228,000 to which is owed to them for their work with West Brands.

Yeezy Season 5 is currently out, and in the meantime, Kim Kardashian continues to tease items for the upcoming Yeezy Season 6.