Kanye West's Nebuchadnezzar Opera raised a lot of eyebrows at the end of last year, expanding into opera and debuting his show at the Hollywood Bowl

The show made headlines across the nation and, in the midst of his Presidential fail, he's being reminded of it with a new million-dollar lawsuit.

As reported by Daily Mail, a new lawsuit has been filed against Kanye West for reportedly failing to pay some of the people who worked on the opera.

The music legend is being accused of holding "unpaid wages" and "failing to pay minimum wage and overtime" to a number of staffers who helped him out. 

The lawsuit was filed back in August, which reveals that a hair assistant who worked on the opera is still owed "unpaid wages, continuing wages, damages, civil penalties, statutory penalties and attorney's fees and costs". The workers suing Kanye state that they "oversaw, controlled and ran the production, and the aggrieved employees worked many hours on the production and were not timely paid for their work, or paid at all."

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Kanye's opera was deemed a "money grab" by some of his fans who trashed him about only appearing for the climax at the end of the 50-minute show. 

This is just another thing weighing down Kanye, who conceded in the 2020 Election and set his sights on 2024.