According to TMZ, Kanye West is being sued by a company who claims to have an arrangement in place to provide the rapper with 53,500 yards of fabric for his Yeezy production line. Toki Sen-I Co. had the material goods valued at $10.81 a yard for a total invoice of $624,000 before taxes - this according to the information provided by company reps in the official legal documents. 

Toki Sen-I Co. is thereby claiming that Kanye West backed out of the deal without giving them much notice, forcing them to pawn the material off on new bidders. As a result of the hardship caused by Kanye's alleged "cold feet," Toki is not only seeking the $624,000 they agreed upon in principle, but the additional storage costs that arose from the "foreclosure." 

Although Toki tried in vain to sell the fabric to other buyers, only a few buyers (if any) bit the bullet on the leftover goods. Apparently, the materials custom-ordered to fit Kanye's plans were far too specific to fit their needs, so no one wanted any part of it. Toki Sen-I Co. admitted that Kanye did inform them via e-mail of his plans to abandon their agreement, but at that point, the fabric was likely already in the process of being cut. Kanye West has yet to comment on the lawsuit - more on this later.