Jenifer Lewis is empathetic towards Kanye West's controversial persona. The actress wants to impart some of her wisdom to the young entertainer as someone who has also struggled with the extreme highs and lows that come with having bipolar disorder.

Lewis broke down in tears when she spoke to CNN about West saying that she feels sorry for him. 

"Part of the disorder is not wanting to tame the mania. The high is so high and it feels great, but it's dangerous. It's so dangerous."

She says members of Kanye's camp have reached out to her about having a discussion with him about their shared experiences.

"They are going to try to get me in a room with him when he gets back from Uganda. And all I can tell everyone is that I will do my best."

West's meeting with president Trump and the backlash that followed upset her. 

"Of course I have my opinion about [West] going there and being out of control. I mean very little can shock us today with this administration, but it was cruel."

"We need more compassion. You cannot reach [those who are bipolar] by meeting them with rage. Trust me, they've got more rage than you."