A significant music leak took place this yesterday afternoon, as two new Kanye West jams surfaced online. The two star-studded tracks arrived alongside one snippet as well, as per Complex.

"Hold Tight," which features Migos and Young Thug, is the first track that was leaked. Kanye gets in on the chorus, repeating the eponymous phrase in his familiar auto-tuned tone. Once again, race is the focal point of this Yeezy track, with the line "I be acting like I’m white," also being repeated several times.

The other full track is titled "Euro (Switch Hands)" and features ASAP Rocky. Kanye focus on his public persona in this one, rapping about how he's underrated and overstated.

A snippet surfaced as well: a 36-second preview of "Can U Be," which Travis Scott had already teased on Instagram over a year ago. The platform behind the leaks is rumored to be "musicmafia.to," as they were tagged in the leaks-- curiously enough, the same website momentarily hacked Drake's twitter on Friday. 

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to listen to these leaks, they've been wiped off the internets from what we can tell -- go ahead and get to digging though. 

Feel free to use this as a place to discuss, dissect and debate these leaks.