Papa John's has surfaced in headlines once again because of its founder John Schnatter. This time around, Schnatter is turning heads for his disapproval of the n-word being a Black American man. Kanye West is said to have potentially missed the opportunity of working with the company for this reason. At this point, this whole debacle might be part of a twisted PR stunt.

Laundry Service, a marketing company that helped Schnatter after the NFL boycott incident, suggested they get Kanye West to collaborate with the pizza chain. The agency thought it could be a good move to have West serve as a spokesperson for the company. John Schnatter, a self-proclaimed non-racist, refused to accept such a proposition because the artist "uses the n-word" in his songs. 

It is during this same conference call that Schnatter himself used the racial slur. The irony of this situation is tremendous. His choice of language led to his stepping down as chairman of the international company. Then, he was kicked out of his own office at Papa John's headquarters. The former CEO now claims his stepping down was a mistake. Perhaps his refusal to work with Yeezy will be added to his list of missteps.