Kanye has been all over the place lately, and one of those places is his new weekly music gathering called the "Sunday Service Sessions." Now, Kanye has been teasing his new album Yandhi for months now. Some thought it may come out in time for Black Friday, but that was ultimately all for nothing, as Kanye explained he needed more time to work on it.

In his latest Sunday Service session, Kanye showed off a brand new song, accompanied by a choir. It was an upbeat track called "We'll Find A Way" that sounds like Kanye at his most soulful. 

The new track has some wondering whether or not this song will make its way onto Yandhi, or if it's simply a loosey that was made specifically for the session. After all, Kanye has been known in the past to just change his mind on a whim so there are no guarantees of this track making it onto any albums.

Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian was there and posted Instagram stories of the session all throughout the day. Ye was also accompanied by artists like Kid Cudi, 070 Shake, and Tony Williams. During the session, these artists helped Ye perform some of his classic songs, as well as some more contemporary hits.